can't stop making cards

sooooo it's true, i can't stop making cards!!! and i don't even share all the cards that i make here on my blog. here are a few recent ones...

- jess


july 2014 project life v.1

time for a project life update. i think last time i talked to you guys about project life i mentioned i was just going to go forward from the present and not worry about catching up on the past year's album. i mean honestly, of course i'd like to finish the other album but sometimes you just have to move on...for now.

with this new album i wanted to try a cleaner layout style. i figured i'd try it at least for a couple spreads or even all of july 2014 and see. if i wasn't happy with it i'd try something new. that's the thing with project life was that i hadn't found a style that was totally working for me.

but i've come to realize that i like a clean style for project life and then go with an artsy style for traditional full page layouts. so, that's what i've done and i have to say i'm really loving it so far. at least for right now this is very much speaking to me and i feel reflecting myself as well.

so that clean style for me means few embellishments, although i do love a pocket filled with confetti and sequins! i'm also loving minimal journaling that i add on the computer to the photos. this is also adding in some extra white space, which to me feels like a breathe of fresh air for project life. i love that once i've printed the pics, stamped them with a date and grabbed some cards i can quickly insert them into the page protectors and be done.

ha...funny and true story is i just realized i have duplicate journaling on two pics!!! oh well.

- jess


currents - aug 2014

listening // i've really been getting into classic audio books

reading // a bunch of devotionals and the Bible

eating // lots of squash

drinking // water and tea and too much pop

wearing // winged eyeliner most days

feeling // God calling me to a closer walk with Him

weather // unusually cool, although i'm not complaining!

watching // just a little youtube

waiting // for prayers to be answered

wanting // to be more diligent in exercising

needing // to finish project life for july

enjoying // this season of my life where i can spend extra time with friends

wondering // what the future holds

working // on being a better person

- jess


can you tell i love making cards

i feel like my posts have been about 90% cards lately.  but honestly that's what i've loved making.  when i want to just jump right in it's so much easier to make a card than to go choose a photo and a title then decide on a layout!

so here are a few more cards.  if you are tired of the cards, just wait, i have a few more blog post ideas coming soon!

- jess


august 2013 project life

i made a decision about project life this week. okay, two really.

the first and most important is that i LOVE it still :-) i wasn't sure i would still want to do it anymore but i sat down and began with a new album and worked on july 2014 and it made me soooo happy!

so the second decision is that i'm moving on.  when i have extra time i may try to go back and finish up sept 2013 - june 2014 but i'm not going to worry about it.  for me it's time to move on and live in the present!

having just said that, today we are going to look back at august 2013. lol. it's the last month that i finished in my old album so i thought i'd go ahead and post it.

- jess